Wisdom is stupid.

OK, wisdom teeth are stupid. Why do we have them? Do they actually make you wiser? No. They don’t. Well, the only wisdom I’ve gained from them is that I should have removed them when I was younger. Thus, I’ll impart some wisdom on younger people, “Get your wisdom teeth out while you’re still young.” Completely useless bit of wisdom for me now.

So, if you haven’t guessed, I’ve had half of my wisdom teeth removed recently. It was starting to cause some pain, a while back, so I went to the dentist and I was told that it needed to be taken out. And I should have done it before I turned 25. A bit too late, that bit of info… I’m not sure if I’ve had a more painful experience, and I went the route of having general anaesthetic. I’m sure if I went for the local anaesthetic, it would have been more painful and even more traumatic for me. There’s always some additional concerns when going for GA, and it costs more, but I’d rather do that then have a 10 inch needle stuck in my gum, or whatever barbaric thing it is they do.

I only had my left side taken out, so far. It seems that the right side is a bit more complicated, being a bit more buried deep and closer to the nerves in my jaw. The surgeon advised it would be good to take them all out at once, since I’m going under GA anyways. I decided not to, since I knew that eating would be a problem after.

Today, about a week since I’ve had them taken out, I still can’t eat proper food. I’m eating soft foods like porridge and soup. On the plus side, I’ve lost about 2kg, so it’s not all bad news. I’m currently fantasising about having a good steak, and a burger, and chips. With a side dish of grilled lobster and another steak. Oh, I can’t wait to eat again. Maybe I should have done both sides, since I can’t eat anyways. Hey, does that mean I’m wiser to have asked that? Isn’t that what wisdom really is; learning from your past mistakes?


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