Playing outside with my kids

The weather was pretty good over the weekend and my kids went out for an activity in the park. They had a lot of fun at the Chichi dan Chacha Happy Camp. This time around they had their activities outdoors, so their themes were mainly nature based. It’s a good thing my eldest daughter loves going outdoors. My younger, not so much.

Park fun-min
Fun in the park

Going outside and playing is an important part of growing up and I’ve noticed that more and more parents are taking kids out to the park, even with the type of weather we get here. The parks themselves have improved tremendously over the years as well. Safety and cleanliness has really gone up, though admittedly, there is still room for improvement. I won’t say much about the state of public toilets, though…

If you’re one of the families who do take your kids out to play, good on you, keep it up. If you haven’t started that yet, it’s never too late to start. Go look for your nearest park and have some fun with your kids. Here’s some ideas of what you could do:

  1. Have a picnic. This is something you don’t really see much of here, but it’s a fun, simple activity that you can do with your kids to kick things off. Pack some simple foods, bring a blanket and head to the park. It’s as simple as that.
  2. Play some simple games. You can bring some simple games from home, or you can use the local environment to see what you can do. Things as simple as flying a kite (or complicated if you’re not as coordinated, like me…), ball games, using the playground equipment, or other imaginative games, like “I spy”.
  3. Explore the local flora and fauna. As I said, my eldest daughter loves nature and the outdoors, so she will run around and find all the different plants, flowers and insects. You can even have a game where they need to find a certain amount of flowers, animals and/or bugs.
  4. Do some art and craft. Related to the 2 above, you can combine them and ask kids to gather up some materials and make some crafts out of them. Bring some basic supplies like paper, glue and paint.
  5. Plant something. Not all parks will allow you to do this freely, so maybe it’s something that can be done at home. It’s a good way to teach kids about science and also responsibility.

So the next time you plan on going out with the kids, do consider going to the park, rather than going to the mall. It can be just as fun, it’ll be healthier and it’ll be a good opportunity to help your kids develop some knowledge and skills. Back to the things my kids did over the weekend, this was one of the crafts that they did:

Painted plastic bottle pot

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